Client Testimonials

“I hired SOS Leadership to help with management team development and culture change. They did a great job of connecting with the team at both the management level and the team level. Their programs cut through the clutter and get down to the root issues. We have had a significant increase in revenue since starting with SOS. We continue to work with them on specific development plans and I would highly recommend their work.” – Tom Blair, CEO, Imagecraft Exhibits

“Our company had the distinct pleasure of working with SOS Leadership. They delivered more than we could ever ask and our results achieved proved that using SOS was well worth it. You will not find a more dedicated and professional group of experts who posses many years of experience and a finely honed craft. I would highly recommend the SOS Leadership to any company seeking to enhance their professional development, unify a team, mentor, coach and/or train new managers or executives. You won’t be disappointed!” – Elliot Germany, President, Panel Specialists, Inc.

“SOS Leadership is able to communicate with their clients in a thoughtful, candid, and professional manner that achieves results. There’s no question our law firm has benefited from their strategic approach that is built upon empathy, teamwork, and conflict resolution. SOS offers perspectives that are tailored to help clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend SOS Leadership; their techniques would benefit any business.” – Ben De Leon, President, De Leon & Washburn, P.C.

“My biggest mistake was not hiring SOS Leadership 5 years earlier. Their work with my staff and me over the course of a year has generated the tightest knit team in the 30 year history of Montgomery Chiropractic! Their work helped my staff realize their importance in our clinic performance and role in generating increased service! They now are committed to protecting my time and pushing towards our agreed goals! SOS Leadership will definitely help you and your team achieve at a level you have only dreamed about!” – Dr. Larry Montgomery, Owner, Montgomery Chiropractic of Belton, Texas

“SOS Leadership’s coaching has helped me communicate more effectively with my staff. I consider myself a more effective leader of the organization and my staff’s productivity and performance has greatly increased from the coaching and training they have received. I am so thankful for what SOS has done for me, my organization, and the Belton community.” – Stephanie O’Banion, CEO, Belton Chamber of Commerce
“SOS has worked with us at Central Texas Christian School for several years now. They have had a profound impact on our leadership culture as have helped to develop all aspects of our organization.” – Jim Bell, Director of Development, Central Texas Christian School

“Working with SOS Leadership has been a challenging and fulfilling experience. They have challenged me to use my skills to become a better version of myself so that I can achieve my professional and personal goals. My job is very demanding and I was having trouble focusing on my goals, which created a lot of chaos and confusion that seeped into my personal life. SOS has helped me sift through the confusion and narrow my focus so that I could set achievable goals. This has helped build my confidence so that I can tackle the goals I have set both at work and personally. It has been and continues to be very empowering.” – Ana-Cristina Gonzalez, COO at St. William Catholic Church

“SOS Leadership has the skills and experience to truly help anyone mine through the distractions of day-to-day life and focus on achieving their goals. The skill-set that SOS Leadership is able to impart on participants in a relatively short amount of time is incredible and, if practiced, will take anyone to the next level of productivity in any field. If you know you want to reach higher and do more, SOS Leadership can help you make it happen. For me, the SOS program gave me the skills to crystallize my own goals in both my personal and professional life. I had been listening to others impart goals on me without taking any consideration if that was all I was capable of doing. With their program and my continued practicing of those skills, I have made much measurable progress toward my goals—my family and professional colleagues agree!” – Brandon Kraft, Happiness Engineer at Automattic

“If I had to sum up my experience in one (hyphenated) word, I’d say it was “life-changing.” Your system is so logical and methodical that it takes the mystique out of the process of setting goals and gets at the heart of the challenge for most busy people – and that is writing goals down. The combination of the facilitated group discussions, readings and recorded material provide for a comprehensive tool kit for attacking the process head-on. I not only have my short-term business and personal goals crystallized, but I have a framework for developing and tackling future goals. I cannot say enough about the experience and recommend your program to business people who want to learn how to visualize, set and achieve their goals.” – Dan Schaeffer, MBA Owner at ProTect Painters of Central Austin

“As a young first-time executive director of a non-profit start-up, I’ve been finding myself bogged down with details that don’t forward my mission, and a difficult time balancing work and home life. The SOS program helped me preserve my energy for the things that really matter, and stop wasting my precious time. Many of the things we learned are things we all feel like we SHOULD do, but never take the time to practice. By making the program a priority, I’ve made a strong statement to myself, my board of directors and my family about the priorities of the organization and my personal life.” – Courtney Clark, Executive Director at Austin Involved