Success or Significance: What Are You Living For?

As I sat in a presentation this past week the presenter mentioned that whenever people ask us what we do, we always respond with what we do to earn a paycheck. This type of behavior has been instilled in our DNA since birth. The real answer to that question should be what we do to help others. For example, I am a student, a mentor, a brother and a Christian. None of those have to do with what I do to earn a paycheck, but with my calling in life.

Over the past few months during my time here at SOS Leadership I have been reflecting on my goals and what I want to be remembered by. I have always been known to live a life of pure success and to always be the one who stands out above all. Now, while it is not a bad thing to stand out in the crowd, if you are only living for success, you have made a mistake.

At SOS Leadership, we talk a lot about the journey from Success to Significance the book Seeds of Success. Part of this comes in when we talk about work/life balance and how to balance between the two. In order to live a significant life you have to live it with others. The most importance change that you can make on your journey from success to significance is discovering What Matters Most. By discovering What Matters Most you can clearly define your priorities. In a significant life What Matters Most tends to be a relationship with a spouse or a family member.

To put into more perspective, let me give you an example. Two long time CEO’s sit in an interview with a reporter. Both of these CEO’s had very successful lives and made a good profit. The reporter asks the first CEO what he is most proud of in his life, he responds by saying that his proudest moment was when his business really took off and made a large profit. Then the second CEO answers the same question and responds, I am most proud of my family, my marriage and my three wonderful children that I have been blessed with. The second CEO is living a life of significance.

A proper work/life balance can be difficult in many careers and organizations. Anyone who has worked or currently works in the field of public relations or social media, knows that it is never-ending. It never sleeps and some nights nor will you. While, it may be an assumption of the job it is important to realize that it is ok to have a life outside of work and to say no. The truth of the matter is that if you are living your life as a workaholic you will not be happy. I can tell you this from experience and having been a former workaholic I am thankful for the people that have shown me that there is more to life than work.

To recap, it is easy to fall into this life of pure success and workaholism. Strive to live a life of significance, where at the end of your life you have no regrets. Give back to organizations that you are passionate about. Get a job that you are passionate about and you love doing. Love what you do and live your life of significance!

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