Making a Leader (Part 3)

We have examined the first two components that make a leader, humility and a leadership development plan. Humility opens a person up to the possibility of growth, and a plan provides tangible direction and an assurance of results. However, how many times have we planned to do something and it just never got done? That is why there is a third crucial component of making a leader: Accountability.

Becoming requires overcoming and having the strength and support of an accountability partner is crucial. A leader must have someone who can hold them accountable to their development plan. An accountability partner must be someone trustworthy, who is willing and able to speak truth and call the person out without offense being given or taken.

It’s a tall order, but absolutely necessary. If we as children were always given A’s on our tests, we would not truly know how well we had mastered the material. This kind of ignorance is incompatible with leadership. Just as people need honest and accurate academic feedback, a leader needs honest and accurate feedback from an accountability partner.

This brings us full circle to the first step of becoming a leader: have the humility to know thyself and to grow. In fact, there should be a constant circle of growth. Once a leadership development plan has been accomplished, a leader ought to start over. The leader should reassess themselves, identify areas to build on, and make a new plan. This ensures that a leader is constantly adapting to the circumstances of their own lives and to the needs of their people. After all, the only thing that will never change is that things always change. A leader continuously grows in and through change and stays on the path of development. After all, if you don’t grow, you go!

With these three steps anyone can begin the journey to becoming a better leader. Whether you hold a title or not, you are a leader. A leader is anyone who has followers, even just one and even just for a moment. And there is always the opportunity to lead yourself and bring yourself to a better place. So wherever you are, leadership is for you, and you can start making yourself a better leader today.

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