Success Transformation

The road to success is to completely and intentionally transform yourself from the person that you are today to the person that you are called to become. This success journey means risking the success that you already have and moving toward the impossible. 

The power to make the impossible happen has nothing to do with authority or influence. It has nothing to do with competence. Authority is bestowed on you by others and therefore can be taken away. Influence is based on current relationships that can change through outside circumstances. Competence is earned by producing results, but can be lost the moment you stop producing. Only the power of personal responsibility for making the impossible happen is permanent and within your control.

Success transformation requires you to become an expert in being, rather than doing. You must transform your way of being by creating a new way in which you relate to the world. This new way in which you view the world changes your current reality from the limited view of possibility thinking to the unlimited view of impossibility thinking. Developing a winning life strategy demands a total commitment to lifelong learning. The world is constantly changing. You must be “sold out” to the concept of changing who you are and who you are becoming.

What is the desired outcome of your life? What do you believe in your heart will make you feel fulfilled? This most cherished dream may also represent your worst nightmare. It serves as a constant reminder of the “failure” that we often see in our lives. We view this dream as an impossibility in our lives and settle for our current reality. The power of goal setting can set us on a path of making the impossibility of our dreams a possibility.

As you master the skills of goal setting, the possibilities become probabilities and the probabilities become reality. Goal setting at its very essence does require risk. You must be willing to move forward with no guarantee that you will succeed. Samurai warriors used to call this “dying before going to battle.” Success transformation means accepting three basic facts:

  • Life doesn’t turn out the way it “should”
  • Life doesn’t turn out the way it “shouldn’t”
  • Life turns out the way it “does”

When you accept these facts of life, you are free to make the choices that are necessary to empower yourself to build the kind of life that you want and deserve.

Develop a dream list for your life! Set goals to turn these impossible dreams into reality. Commit to a system of lifelong learning and transform your life into the impossible success that is yours to seize! 


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