An Attitude of Gratitude – Blog 1 of 4

Welcome to a 4-Part Series called “An Attitude of Gratitude.” For the third consecutive year the SOS Leadership team is continuing its tradition of blogging about gratitude and what matters most during the week of Thanksgiving. Today SOS Leadership Partner Billy Moyer blogs about what he’s thankful for and asks some thought-provoking questions about gratitude.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. It is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. Family, Food, Football… You can’t get much better than that.

It is during this week that I always think about how truly blessed I am. I think about all of the gifts God has given me. This has been a challenging year for me personally, but I am thankful for all of the challenges. For it is in the challenges, the failures, that you learn the most about yourself. This year I have learned that I will not quit. I learned that I will strive on no matter what is thrown at me. I have re-learned the fact that it doesn’t matter what other people say, think, or do. All that matters is I am living my life on “purpose.”

This year I am thankful:

  • For my wife, who I have now been married to for over a year. She has made a challenging year, my best year ever. How could a year of marriage to her not be my best year ever?
  • For my family, who have been there for me when I wasn’t well. They are always there for me even though I am not always the easiest person to be around. And I do not always show them how much I love them. My family is also a part of my business, so I include SOS Leadership in this one. Being a family business is what sets SOS apart from other companies and I am grateful for that.
  • To be alive. I am thankful for life and that I know my place in this world. This year I was reminded how truly sacred life is and I know that I need to live my life to the fullest each day.
  • For all of the great people who I have come across this year. I may not have told you so, but you are amazing. You are the reason I do what I do. I want to make a difference in your life. I want to make a difference in the world.
Those are just some of the many things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? Have you told someone that you love them? Have you thanked God for being alive lately? Have you thanked Him for giving you the many gifts He has given you?
Here is a thought: Why don’t we live each day for the next year like it is Thanksgiving? Why don’t we tell people we are grateful for them and that we love them? Why do I have to wait until this week every year to be thankful? We should live a life of thanksgiving everyday. If we do that, every year will be our best year ever!

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