Be Jack!

In our new book, The Turnaround  we talk about turning around the results of an organization by turning around the culture. This can only be done through effective leadership at the top that spreads throughout the company. The book is written as a story about a struggling organization that brings in a new CEO to turn things around.

The new CEO’s name is Jack and his first goal is to turn around the culture. He calls a company-wide meeting to share his vision with his employees. He asks them to commit to a vision of “If you don’t grow, you go!” He informs them that he will be meeting individually with all of them to learn more about them and to get their feedback on where the company should go. The book follows Jack on some of these meetings.

He meets with the head of HR, a manager, the company receptionist, the head of sales, and the CFO. He challenges each of them to get on board with his vision. He wants them all to be committed to their own personal growth and to be open with him about their ideas. His leadership is the first step in creating a Development Culture. An organization cannot have a Development Culture if it’s leaders are not growing. John Maxwell’s law of the lid comes in to play here. An organization cannot grow passed the leader. This is the reason Jack was brought in. He was committed to his own growth and would challenge others to grow.

In talking to one of our clients about our new book, I heard something I did not expect to hear. He said that after reading it his biggest takeaway was that he wanted to Be Jack. He wanted to be that type of leader. Someone who was direct, strong, and humble enough to understand that he was not the solution to every problem. Jack knew that in order to turn around the company, he needed help from the people. He was open to ideas. He wanted the employees to all be leaders who made a difference in the company.

I encourage you to step up as a leader in your company, home, and community. Invest in your followers. Allow them to grow passed you. As a leader, your number one role is to build up other leaders. That is what Jack did in our new book, The Turnaround. I challenge you to Be Jack!

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