Blame Game Culture

Have you ever been a part of an organizational culture that plays the blame game? This is usually a very stagnant culture that gets little if any results.

A stagnant culture where people play the blame game usually has three types of people leading the organization.There are people that Don’t Know They Don’t Know. These people are passive aggressive. The culture is free of conflict, but you cannot implement anything. There are others that Know but Won’t Grow. These people are highly political. They suffer from analysis paralysis. They over manage people and things. Essentially it is a culture where people think without taking action. And the rest are All Blow and No Go. These people suffer from a lot of fits and starts. There are talented people, but everyone is going in a different direction. You see this a lot in sports. All blow and no go is also called the Dallas Cowboys. Talent and a lot of talk, but 8-8 every year.

Do these types of stagnant blame game cultures sound familiar to you? Besides those three types of people in this type of culture, here are a few other key indicators that your organization is suffering from a stagnant culture:

  • Employee turnover is very high.
  • The leadership let’s go of people for no reason (other than to keep the blame away from them).
  • Employees get scolded for sharing opinions.
  • Employees are discouraged from seeking out growth opportunities. They are expected to be 100 percent with the organization even though the organization is not 100 percent with them.
  • There are always a lot of meetings, but nothing ever comes out of those meetings.

This is not a recipe for growth in an organization. In order to grow, you must do things differently. If you do what you have always done, you will be who you have always been. You cannot keep playing the blame game because at some point the blame will come back to you as the leader. There will be little hope left after that. New leadership will be brought in and a turnaround will be needed.

Avoid this by stopping the blame game. Begin to create a Development Culture where every person is encouraged to grow and given opportunities to do so. Take personal responsibility for the problems with your organization. It is not every ones else’s fault. Look in the mirror! This is the only way to turnaround a stagnant culture. If you do this, the results will turn around as well!

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