Chip Kelly: CEO and Leader

This is my favorite time of the year. It is football season. Being a huge Philadelphia sports fan, it is safe to say that I am excited about this season. It is the start of a new era in Philly with a new coach in Chip Kelly. I could spend this whole post talking about my love for the Eagles and my reactions to the recent win on Monday Night Football, but that is not why I decided to write today.

I was reading an article about the Eagles win on Monday when I can across this quote from Chip Kelly (new head coach): “In any organization, any business, any group, I think when you have total buy-in, when everybody is committed to the same visions and goals, you’re ultimately going to be successful . . . We have a vision, a mission we’re on. Our daily habits have to reflect the mission . . . Our job as a coaching staff is to make sure they understand what that vision is, show them how to get there.”

That is what every leader of every organization should sound like. Chip Kelly is essentially the CEO of the Eagles. He is the leader and is responsible for communicating the vision, getting everyone on board, and showing them how to be successful. He must help his players creating winning habits.

What would your organization look like if the leader made a statement like Chip Kelly did? What if they made that statement and actually meant it? Productivity would soar (like the Eagles did on Monday!) and results would be at an all time high. We need more leaders in organizations who understand their role.

Based on what I have seen so far, Chip Kelly has gotten people on board. He is relishing his role as a leader. The results were seen this week. Who knows what the results will look like the rest of the season, but I believe the foundation has been laid. The team understands the plan. Now they must go execute.

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