Dream becomes Reality

When I was just four-years-old, I went through my first goal setting program. In that program, the first lesson was on the power of dreams. The program had me complete something called a Dream List, which is something that I add to still to this day, 24 years after I first learned it.

A Dream List is a list of everything you want to do in your life, no matter how far out and unrealistic it may be. In fact, the more unrealistic the better because that stretches your mind and your imagination. When I was four I wrote down I wanted to be just like my dad because he was my hero. That meant I wanted to speak about leadership just like him and today that is what I do. When I was 12 I wrote down I wanted to marry the girl of my dreams (yes I know pretty weird for a 12-year-old boy) and today I am married to the woman of my dreams. When I was 15 I got to watch my brother and sister go skydiving so I added that to my list and on my 18th birthday they took me skydiving.

I have added so many other things to my list over the years. I wanted to travel to Rome. Check. I wanted to travel to Ireland. Check. Have Mass with the Pope? Check. Go to a Championship Parade for a Philly Sports team? Check! Who knew that would actually happen? You see the simple act of writing down something you want makes it much more likely to happen. Writing crystallizes thought and crystallized thought leads to action.

When I was in college I wrote down that someday I wanted to live in a real downtown. Since I was living in Austin at the time, downtown Austin was where I thought I wanted to be. Over the years, I have lived all over Austin, but never downtown. Well a few months ago my wife joined me in my dream and together we decided to make it a reality. In less than two weeks we will move in to a skyrise in downtown Austin. We will be in the middle of everything. I am checking off another dream from my list.

I will continue to add to my list and continue to check off things that I have done. I know having this list is important to my happiness. I encourage you to keep adding to your Dream List. If you don’t have one, start one today! Here is a link to a Dream List template to help get you started. Don’t let your dreams turn into regrets. Turn them into realities!


If you want to follow me and my wife’s adventure as we live in downtown Austin, you can follow our new blog here! We will be detailing our new life, reviewing places to eat as well as entertainment options in downtown Austin. We will also be talking about the major change of getting rid of a car, and a lot of space. We hope you will join us on this journey.

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