Give thanks for the ones you love! – Blog 3 of 3

Over the past few days my partners at SOS Leadership, Amber Fogarty and Bill Moyer wrote about gratitude to appropriately lead up to Thanksgiving, which is not a holiday as you now know, but a way of life! When we discussed doing this I thought Amber and I should write the first two and Bill (our dad) should close out the series. He is certainly the expert on this subject and many others. But they decided to let me go last.

As I have been reflecting on all the gifts I have been given and all of the things and people I have in my life that I am thankful for, I realize that I am the perfect person to close out this series. You got all the meat and good ideas in the other two blogs, but this one is simply about me and why I am thankful.

Last year at this time, I was pretty successful for only being 23 years old. I had a great family. I had a great business. I was the author of a book. I was in Grad School. And I had a lot of other things going for me. But I was still a bit unhappy. Holidays always seemed to put me in a bad mood. But now things have completely changed.

I still have all of the things I mentioned. I have grown as a person. I have made new friends. But my life is different because I am now truly thankful. This year God blessed me by allowing me to meet the girl of my dreams. After years of searching and trying too hard, I finally let go and let God take over and He came through! I am truly thankful for everything I have, but I finally understand just what that means, thanks to my now fiancée, Ashley.

I thank God everyday for sending Ashley to me. But I also thank Him for my close friends and my family, especially my partners (my sister Amber and my dad, Bill). We are all lucky to work together and more importantly to be with the women and man (in Amber’s case) of our dreams. 

In the last blog my dad compared Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. I certainly see the comparison. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let’s be thankful for everything we have. But let’s also make tomorrow about the ones we love. There can never be enough days for them. Be sure and pull that special someone close to you and tell them you love them. Tell them you are thankful for all they do for you. Tell them that you are the luckiest person in the world, for no reason other than having them in your life! Now that is a great Thanksgiving! 

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