Has your engine stalled?

We are almost a month into 2013. Now is a good time to check in to see how you are doing on this year’s goals. What progress have you made? Have you had any successes thus far? What challenges have you faced? Do you even remember what goals you set? Think about the answers to those questions as you reflect on this question: Has your engine stalled?

It is about this time every year that we begin to forget about the goals we set only a month or so earlier. We forget for a lot of reasons. Perhaps we tried something new and it didn’t work the first time. Or maybe we shared our goals with someone who responded with negativity. Maybe they were a “Yeabut.” There are many reasons why our engines stall this time of year, but it is important that we are able to push forward and not give up.

Those stalled engines need a jump. How do we get that jump? Well, think about if your car battery dies, how do you get it going again? More often than not, you get a jump from someone else. Jumper cables have two ends. One that gets attached to your car and one to someone else’s. Your engine is stalled right now for a lot of different reasons, but the solution to your problem is that you need help! You cannot do it alone!

The main reason why people do not accomplish their goals is that they quit too soon. They fail to ask for help from other people. It is important to remember that other people are both the obstacle and the solution to every goal you will ever set. I will say it again: You cannot do it alone! If you think you can, than you have already failed. Arrogance is a brick wall to success. Arrogant people try to go through the brick wall, while patient and humble people ask for help and realize they simply must climb over.

If your engine has stalled and you are not where you need to be on your 2013 goals, then ask for help. Maybe one of your friends can help. Maybe someone from your past or a person in your family. It may take more than one person to help you accomplish the goal. Who will hold you accountable? Perhaps you need a coach to guide you through the process. When you ask for help on your goals, it is like applying jumper cables to your engine and soon enough you will be running again.

But remember, it was all that running that made you stall in the first place. Slow down, think, and relax. Make sure you are working on the goals that are important to you. Make sure you have a clear purpose and then make sure you continue to Go For It!

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