I Don’t Want to be Micromanaged

I believe that PR (Personal Responsibility) is the solution to all problems organization’s face. Think about it, what would your organization’s results look like if every employee (and I mean everyone) was personally responsible for goals, and their own actions? Every employee understanding PR is easier said than done. PR comes from accountability. In order to master PR you must be able be held accountable. You must be open to it.

Have you ever heard someone make one of the following statements? “I don’t want to be micromanaged” or “Stop trying to micromanage me.” Perhaps you yourself have said something like that before. There is no such thing as being micromanaged. The majority of times you hear someone make one of those statements, it is in response to someone upping the accountability. Maybe your manager now requires you to provide a weekly report or even a daily one. That is not micromanaging. It is them holding you accountable. If you are able to be held accountable,you can master PR and become a part of the solution, not the problem.

Micromanaging is a myth that we put into our own head when we are not doing the things we are supposed to do. I mean how difficult is it to submit a weekly or daily report? And do you really think it is that bad that your manager wants to know how you are spending your time? If they don’t want to know what you are doing, then they have a problem. High achievers won’t have any problem submitting a report because they are confident that their activity is producing results. 

There are plenty of other examples of things your manager may ask of you that are for accountability purposes. Perhaps they would like to have a meeting with you every week. Maybe they want you to start tracking your hours. Remember the oldest form of accountability in the workplace? It was a time clock! Employees would have to punch in and out. You don’t see those as much anymore.

Think about what you would do if your boss said that you now were going to be required to clock in and out everyday? How would you respond? Would you think you were being micromanaged? Or would you think that maybe you need to get your act together? PR means always thinking that YOU need to get YOUR act together. PR is about micromanaging YOURSELF! The problem is not your boss. It is not that you are being micromanaged. It is that you are not producing to your capabilities. You are not growing. Do something about that!

The next time you think you are being micromanaged, take a step back and really look in the mirror. Why do you think that? Why is this happening to you? Is there anything in your recent performance that could have led to this? These are questions that someone asks themselves when they understand PR.

Someone who says they are being micromanaged? That sounds like a personal problem to me. How about you get over it and get back to doing what you are supposed to do? How about you start micromanaging yourself? We need results. We don’t need whining and excuses. If you can’t get on board and be a part of the solution, perhaps it is time you got off board.

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