I “Got Motivated…” Now what?

A couple weeks ago, my colleagues and I attended the Get Motivated seminar in Austin. SOS partner, Amber Fogarty provided a few key takeaways in her seminar follow-up blog, but I have more to add.
One thing that struck me was that 17,000 people attended this daylong event. They heard great speakers like, Lou Holtz (who was by far the best of the day), Bill Cosby, Mary Lou Retton, Colin Powell, and Rudy Giuliani. The speakers said mostly the same things, but they all said them well. Everybody in attendance seemed pretty darn motivated to me, but if that was the case why didn’t anything or anyone change the next day?
I imagine those 17,000 people got excited, got inspired and got motivated, but the next day went back to business as usual. The reason for this is that an event like Get Motivated, although fun and at times useful, does nothing more that plant a seed. You cannot create positive change in your life or your business at a one day event. It takes clearly defined goals. It takes action plans. It takes hard work. It takes repetition. It takes commitment. None of those things were results from attending the Get Motivated seminar, but hopefully some people came out of it motivated to do all of those things.
At SOS, we help leaders get the most out of themselves and those they lead in order to get better results. We talk about a lot of the same things that the great Get Motivated speakers spoke about, but we help our clients go further than a one day event. We help them grow because we are as committed to their growth as they are. This is why we are so successful. One of our clients increased sales by 53 percent this year in a “down” economy. Another doubled the size of their staff while completely changing their culture in a positive way. Another client almost quadrupled their revenue.
All of our clients would probably say they “Got Motivated” by the work they did with SOS. But more importantly, they would say they “Got RESULTS!” So if you went to the Get Motivated seminar or any other one or two day event and were motivated to make changes in your life or business, give us a call (512-992-2985). We can help turn that motivation into results!

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