Questions for Final Four Months of 2013

There are only four more months left in 2013. Now is the time to get going! It’s time to Go For It and to make this year the best ever! Here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin the final four months of the year:

1. What matters most? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. And really this is not a question, it should be a focus for your life. You should always ask yourself “what matters most” and if that is your focus you will never get off course. If 2013 is not what you wanted it to be, perhaps simply re-focusing on this question will help. 

2. What is one problem that I can turn into an opportunity? This is just a matter of how you think. Positive people think about problems as opportunities and negative people the opposite. Successful people are more positive. Think about past successes and figure out how to apply those skills to the issue at hand. You grow by building on strengths, not “fixing” weaknesses.

3. What new relationships will I pursue? New opportunities come from new relationships. Seek out opportunities where there is potential for mutual benefit, not just “what’s in it for me?” Remember that even in these days of social media, significant relationships begin with real dialogue, not a tweet or a post.

4. How will I be more strategic? Planning isn’t an event, it’s a discipline. Get serious about setting a direction, always starting with a big picture view of the possibilities. Writing down goals for the rest of the year will also help with this. If your goals are not written you have no goals. Without goals you cannot be successful.

5. How can I make smart decisions? Do not over analyze. We waste too much time thinking when we should be acting. Slow down your thinking during the planning process so you can make faster and better decisions later.

6. What leadership skill should I get better at? Your personal effectiveness affects your success. Pick the leadership skill that most needs your attention. Whether is be listening, coaching, problem solving, etc. you must commit to improvement. Small changes can make a tremendous difference.

7. How will I recognize success? You won’t know if you are on the right path if you haven’t first determined the key indicators. Not all measures of success are quantitative, so also consider how you’ll know when a result ‘feels right.’

8. What is my biggest fear, and how will I face it? Name it and claim it. If you don’t, it can be damaging to you. Own your fear before it owns you, and decide how you’ll confront it.

Ask yourself the above questions as you prepare for the final four months of 2013. It is not too late to make this your best year ever. Do not be afraid to succeed. Do not make excuses. The only obstacle to your success is YOU! Now is the time to Go For It!

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