Recognition follows great leaders

A couple weeks ago in Austin (where I live), the 2011 Austin Under 40 Awards took place. This is always an exciting time. The Austin Under 40 Awards are put on by the Young Men’s Business League (YMBL) and the Young Women’s Alliance (YWA). The purpose of the awards are to recognize emerging Austin leaders who excel in their profession and in their service to the community.

SOS Leadership was lucky enough to have three clients (two current and one past) nominated for one of these prestigious awards. We also had two other friends of our organization who were nominated. Two of our three clients nominated, won the award! We would like to congratulate the nominated and especially, Jason Qunell and Ben De Leon for winning in their respective categories. (See Photo of Winners Here)

Bill & Billy Moyer accepting the Chairman’s Award
of Excellence from the Belton Chamber.

These awards got me thinking about recognition. Some people hate recognition and others crave it. And then there are those people in between. I am one of those people who enjoys recognition. My personality profile could prove that! My father and I, along with our company, were recently recognized by the Belton Chamber of Commerce for our dedication and service to their mission back in January. We have worked with the chamber and in Belton for many years. My father and I both like recognition and we enjoyed getting the award. We also enjoyed being on the cover of their magazine. It is not a bad thing if you enjoy recognition. A lot of people might disagree, but it really is a fact. The only issue is when you only do things in order to get recognized. Your purpose must be simply to serve.

When you answer the call to leadership, you will one day be recognized for it whether you like it or not. It will probably be sooner rather than later. It might not be a big award, like the Austin Under 40 Awards, but it will still be recognition.

When you step up as a leader, you must prepare to be recognized for it! That is one of the prices of leadership. Be prepared to pay it! If perhaps the recognition you get is an award, why not humbly and graciously accept it? And maybe even put on a smile while doing so. Leaders smile from time to time! But that is another blog. Stayed tuned as next week I will blog about some of the negative attention and recognition you might get as a leader.

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