Retreat in this not so new year!

Can you believe it is already February 17, 2012? The new year is well upon us. It really isn’t new anymore. A lot has changed already this year, but much has stayed the same. One thing that is the same is the pace we continue to attempt to keep. We are always running! We are always so busy doing everything that we do not get anything done. But that is life…

Or is it? Why is it that we are so busy? Do we really have that many things on our To-Do lists? Or are we just trying to be perfect? Why are we moving so fast? Why did we say yes to all of those new projects when we are already over-committed?

The answer to all of those questions is that we must slow down! We must go on a retreat. In this not so new year, why not commit to slowing down? Go on a retreat by yourself or with your spouse. Spend some time in quiet thinking about your goals for the year. Ask yourself or maybe even journal about the following questions:

– What’s right in my life?
– What’s wrong?
– What’s missing?

Reflecting on these questions will help you find clarity. You can realize that all of the stuff on your To-Do list is not that important. You can truly focus on what matters most! As you slow down, you will realize that you do not have to say “yes” to everything, just the important things. You will realize that every “yes” to something is a “no” to something or someone else. Make sure you are saying “yes” to the right things and the right people.

The time is now for you to slow down. Maybe a retreat is the answer. If you don’t have time for a real retreat, why not go on a mini-retreat every day? What if you spent 15 minutes each day in quiet reflecting on your life, your goals, and your purpose? I encourage you to make slowing down one of your 2012 goals. If you do, 2012 truly can be your best year ever!

The theme of this blog comes from our new book, Retreat to Success: Living Your Life on “Purpose.” This book was written by Bill & Billy Moyer and Amber Fogarty. It will be released within the next two weeks! Pre-order your copy today.

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