Saying Yes to Priorities

“Every yes to something, is a no to something else.” This quote comes from our Protecting Goals program. How nice would it be to be able to say yes to everything? The reality is it is impossible to say yes to everything, even if it is something that is really important. It may be something that we really want to do. So how do we decide what we should say yes to? The answer is that we have to prioritize!

The definition of a priority is “something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives.” How do we figure out what our priorities are? We first have to find out what our values are, and figure out what matters most to us. Only then can we figure out our top priorities, and what we truly want to say yes to.

SOS has a great tool called the DISC Behavior Profile. With these assessments a person can find out what type of behavior traits they have, and what values they have in their life. It is amazing how accurate these assessments can be, pinpointing both a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Our behaviors have a lot to do with our values and priorities. You must remember that you don’t think your way to new behaviors, you behave your way to new thinking. Don’t get stressed out with feeling the need to say yes to everything, simply figure out what your priorities are! Change your behavior and your thinking will change.

In her new book, Retreat to Success: Living Your Life on Purpose, Amber Fogarty states: “We complicate our lives by constantly adding more. More work. More Commitments. More action items on our ever growing to do lists. More stuff. And all the while we wish for more time. We yearn for simplicity, yet keep making our daily lives more complicated. We wonder when we’ll ever get a break, but never plan to take one… The time is now.”

I encourage you to take some time out of your day and figure out your priorities! Now is the time. Stop saying yes to everything because every yes to something is a no to something or someone else. Say yes to the right things and the right people. That is what matters most!

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