The Turnaround: If You Don’t Grow, You Go!

Organizations are always focused on growth. But they are usually more concerned with revenue growth than that of their employees. When it comes to shaping their culture, they often focus on relaxed dress codes, break rooms with games and free drinks, and other material things that are only positive when results are good. An organizations culture should be about the growth of people, not fun and games. It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast every day. The creation of a Development Culture can turn around the results of struggling companies and it can prevent those struggles from happening.

I have recently written a new book with SOS Leadership co-founder, Bill Moyer to urge organizations to take a hard look in the mirror to overcome their challenges and improve their results. The Turnaround: If You Don’t Grow, You Go! (SOS Publishing February 2014) is a story about a new CEO of a struggling company and his plan to overcome a stagnant culture and create a Development Culture. The Turnaround is about how to turn around results by investing in the only thing that will guarantee a positive return: your people.

The Turnaround really illustrates the idea of a Development Culture, which is something we continue to work towards with the help of SOS Leadership,” Tom Blair, CEO at Imagecraft Exhibits said. “I hired SOS Leadership to help with management team development and culture change a few years ago. Their process cuts through the clutter and gets down to the root issues just as the book does.”

The Turnaround is a familiar story to readers with both young and more mature professional careers. The book follows employees in various positions including an intern turned recent college graduate all the way to the Chief Financial Officer. They are each at different stages in their career, but they all must get on board with the companies new vision of “If you don’t grow, you go!” The story shows the power of effective leadership at all levels of an organization. It reminds readers that if you turn around your culture, you will turn around your results. It also reminds readers that there are only two choices in life: Grow or decline. It challenges them to choose growth.

The Turnaround is now available for purchase! Get your copy today!


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