Vision in a Development Culture

I believe the creation of a Development Culture to be extremely important for organizations that want to grow. That is why our most recent book is a story about how to create this type of culture. One of the most important things the leader of an organization with a Development Culture must do is communicate the vision. Where is the organization going?

Vision is simply a clear picture of the future. It is important to note that you cannot possibly communicate something that you cannot see. A lot of leaders waste time trying to get their people on board with their vision, but people must be able to clearly see the vision coming to fruition. If you are leading an organization, you must first decide where you want to go? Wherever you are right now is point A and where you want to go in the future is point B. Can you see point B? Can you describe what you see?

Communicating a clear vision is not about communicating a one-liner that will motivate people for a day or two. Remember a vision is a CLEAR picture of the future. If you want to create a Development Culture in your organization that will turn around your results, than you must clearly define your vision and then communicate that vision to your people. People will buy-in to a vision that they can see.

You must remember that people are your most important resource. The Bible says that without vision the people will perish. That means that if you, the leader of the organization, do not clearly define and communicate a vision to your people, they will perish. Without good people, you cannot have a Development Culture. And without that, your results will eventually suffer.

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