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The current SOS interns were asked to conduct an interview to learn where a couple of the former SOS interns are at in their lives today. Current SOS intern, Marisa Hernandez, learned more about the life of former SOS intern, Bailey Bounds.

The whole point of an internship is to gain experience and to gain knowledge about the career path you have chosen. I believe former interns can play a huge role in shaping your internship. They were there before you. They are the ones who set the foundation. Through this project I learned simply learning more about a former intern can alleviate some of the stress that comes with being an intern.
Bailey Bounds

I was given the pleasure to learn more about former SOS intern Bailey Bounds. Bailey interned with SOS Leadership as a marketing and communications intern from August of 2011 to May of 2012. Some of her responsibilities included assisting with social media efforts, re-vamping the monthly newsletter into a weekly publication, and even editing the book Retreat to Success, which she is now recognized as editor in the acknowledgment section.

Bailey began her intern career as a Marketing Coordinator at the Austin Board of Realtors, which she says was a position she absolutely loved. She also got the chance to experience event planning with that internship and decided to intern for an event planning firm. “It wasn’t what I expected, and I really missed marketing and communications,” she says of the event planning internship. That is when she came across Billy Moyer’s tweet about needing a marketing communications intern. She explained to me that the title of the internship drew her in alone, but she especially like the detailed goals and responsibilities they conveyed to her.
“In my interview, they were so open and kind and seemed like they could really help me not only develop my skills, but the core goals and skills needed for both a successful personal and professional life. I just felt this genuine connection with them and looked up to their positivity before I even really knew them. The positivity was really key; that along with the job description led me to choose SOS as an internship.”- Bailey Bounds on her interview with SOS Leadership.
While interning with SOS, one of Bailey’s responsibilities included, editing Retreat to Success written by, Amber Fogarty, Billy Moyer, and Bill Moyer. This was also, as she says her favorite part of the internship. “I was so proud of the work I did and was excited that they had trusted my insights enough to handle the project.” Another part of her internship included working with Amber Fogarty and also attending goal sessions. Here, Bailey would spend time with other professionals and learn where they were in their careers. It was during this time Bailey herself learned how important goals really are, and developed her own goals and career plans.
One of the struggles Bailey dealt with during her time at St. Edward’s was balancing work with her personal life, which she says SOS helped her learn to do. “I often felt over-worked in school and would take on too much at once. Once I graduated, I kind of regretted that because while I was successful and learned so much from working hard, I felt like I should have spent more time enjoying college and friends. Balancing professional and personal life developed at SOS and continued to grow post-graduation.” Along with interning at SOS Leadership, Bailey also learned the importance of goal setting, being positive, and concepts such as positive work culture and time management. Although learning these concepts was important, the most valuable lesson she learned while interning was to always try your hardest and care about what you do. “I interned at SOS when I was a senior at St. Ed’s. I have natural tendencies to stress out, so interning under primarily Amber really helped me manage my stress and learn how to build success blocks…Having someone truly believe in me was valuable.”
Goal setting was not something that Bailey had thought about before, but now she says SOS has taught her that she can move forward faster and bring a stronger presence in her personal and professional life if she has a line of goals to follow.
Since Bailey’s internship, she has graduated from St. Edward’s with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Communication. She now works as a reporter and editor for KidsWire, a source which provides business professionals with the strategies, news and insight they need to successfully engage with digitally connected kids. Bailey is also an editor for a source called Austin XL, which focuses on Austin technology and businesses. She says her latest goal is to become a leader in the community. “I want to phase out of the college lifestyle and make more connections in the professional world while also serving the community.” She says SOS definitely helped her to be successful in her career, and even after her internship, they have remained a part of Bailey’s life as advisers and are constantly helping her.
“I think loving what you do and creating the steps to get where you want to be are core parts of being a leader in any area of your life.”-Bailey Bounds

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