A Leader Making a Difference: Laurie Loew

When I think of selling or buying a home, an image of paperwork, hassles, and loan payments come to mind. As a college student, this is a dreary image; however, through Laurie Loew’s business, Give Realty, there is light shed on the sometimes dim and financially-straining situation.

Give Realty, Inc. is an Austin Real Estate company that believes in giving back to the community through donating 25% of all proceeds to the non-profit* of the home-buyers choice. The common-known saying, “Those who give, shall receive” is truly exemplified by this business model. The company has been able to assist in donations to non-profits for a grand total of $79,040.30. For 2010 alone, her business has assisted in the donation of $34,929.25. Laurie was presented with the 2010 Ethics in Business Award. The recipient of this exudes the following qualities: respect, fairness, honesty, striving for justice, and embracing sustainability. Click here to see a list of the different organizations that have already benefitted from this philanthropic model.

In such stressful economic times, Laurie is setting a great example for other businesses to follow, as she continues to give back to her community. Leadership is not about who serves you, but who you serve. Give Realty has truly set the standard for ethical business practices in the 21st century. Their influence is paving the way and allowing so many people to make a difference.

The dreary thoughts of buying or selling a home are relieved through the gift of giving. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” Laurie has found her way to serve her community; how will you find yours?

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