Are You on the Interstate or the Access Road?

Every time the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders group comes together, incredible things happen. Thought-provoking conversations are the norm. This blog was inspired by a recent discussion with the SOS Gr8 Women, where one of the participants shared this frustration:

“Sometimes I feel like I’m on the Interstate and everyone else in my life is on the access road.”

Have you ever felt that way? In the work that we do with driven leaders, we encounter this challenge often. Leaders are ALWAYS learning and constantly seeking opportunities to grow. Everyone else…notsomuch!

So when you’re in a high-growth mode, sometimes it feels like you’re either:

  • Leaving people you care about behind, OR
  • Slowing down and waiting for them to catch up.
Either way it can be frustrating! I think the key here is communication. Are you sharing your goals openly with those you interact with on a daily basis? Are you helping them understand what you hope to achieve? Are you asking for their support along the way?
Now let’s be honest, not everyone is going to be on the Interstate with us. Some people live on the access road, and that’s okay. In fact, we often need them in our lives to slow us down and remind us of what matters most. When you look at the people you surround yourself with, is there a good mix of Interstate folks and access road folks? Do you need more of one and less of the other? Food for thought…
So I ask you, how do you handle this leadership challenge? I look forward to your comments.

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