Ashley Moyer’s Leadership Journey – The Concordia MBA (Part 8)

Today, Ashley Moyer shares her thoughts about what her journey has been like on her path to receive her Concordia MBA. Ashley is the Director of Institutional Advancement at San Juan Diego Catholic High School. San Juan Diego is “The School That Works!” Learn more at

It’s official! As of May, I am halfway to achieving my MBA through Concordia University Texas. There has been much self discovery through classes like Leadership-Self, Ethics, and Leadership-Others. I have learned how to be a better decision maker in classes like Critical Thinking and Organizational Change.  I have even expanded my knowledge in challenging courses like Economics, Accounting and Finance. Despite having so many excellent classes and knowledgeable instructors, the greatest lesson I have learned can’t be found in one of my textbooks—the only constant in life is change.

When I began the Concordia MBA, I was also working at Concordia as an Admissions Counselor. After struggling to complete my application (as I detailed in my first post), I had decided through the two-year program I would continue my work as an Admissions Counselor. There’s something cool about work and school being one in the same. However, as new opportunities came to me, I found myself taking a new position in the middle of my second semester. My instructors and 9 other classmates told me to rethink a career change in the middle of an MBA program, some even called me crazy. In the past 18 months I had moved to Austin, gotten married and started my MBA—why not take a career change?

Fast forward two semesters and now six of the ten students I started the program with are in new positions. The only constant in life is change. One student took a position in California to be closer to his parents who were growing older and needing more assistance. Another advanced a semester in order to ensure a promotion at work and sit for the CPA exam later this year. The only constant in life is change. I think I can speak for my class when I say I don’t think any of us predicted so many changes for the 10 of us when we embarked on this journey together in April of 2011.

There’s something to be said about a leader’s ability to adapt. Just when you think you have it all figured out, there will always be something that changes your perspective or rearranges your priorities for that moment.  A leader shows character by rolling with the punches and carrying out a new strategy or vision. We even learned in our Strategy class that most businesses’ strategic plans are out of date within three years! Through it all, it’s important to remember the only constant in life is change. As we continue on to the second year of the program, I’m excited to see what changes the next year will bring to us all. 

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