Austin Leader Making A Difference: Amber Fogarty

This is the first profile that we have written for this blog and it seemed fitting that we recognize one of our own. Amber Fogarty is a partner with SOS Leadership Institute, and she is also part of the Moyer family (founders Bill (father) and Billy (brother) Moyer). But that is not why we are recognizing her.

Amber is the Director of Development and Communications for Front Steps here in Austin, Texas. The mission of Front Steps is to provide a pathway to hope for the homeless through shelter, affordable housing, and community education. Development is tough in this economy, so SOS Leadership hopes you will consider Front Steps when donating to the Austin community.

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Here is some more about Amber Fogarty: She has a bachelors degree in communication from St. Edward’s University. She also has a MBA from SEU. She has four years of corporate marketing experience, as well as four years of development experience with non-profits.
After obtaining her MBA and spending four years in the corporate world, Amber decided to make a change. She became a Holy Cross Associate and spent a year as a volunteer in Phoenix, Arizona for a homeless organization called Andre House. Amber has always been an effective leader, and she has always made a difference in peoples lives, but when she gave up her life to serve the homeless, she truly became a servant leader.
A servant leader is someone who leads like Jesus, and He said that we must all be God’s humble servants. To lead is to serve, and Amber truly understands that statement. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show that He was their servant, and that is what Amber did by working at Andre House.
Amber is finishing up her second masters degree, while continuing to serve others every chance she gets. She is married with one daughter and has another child on the way, so she now understands how to be a leader as a wife and mother. She understands that leadership is influence and she lives a life of significance!
She is in Leadership Austin’s Emerge program, but she could lead that program (although she would never say that). That is why she is such a great leader. She continues to grow and develop. She is humble. She is Making a Difference!!!
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