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Today is the seventh day of the new blog series entitled Bring Your Leadership to Life! Join us throughout the month of March and beyond as we feature guest bloggers who share their perspective on how they bring their leadership to life! This blog series highlights the theme of the 2nd Annual Evening for Austin Leading Ladies, an event that SOS Leadership is honored to be hosting in partnership with The Concordia MBA on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at Concordia University Texas. Learn more about this powerful event and register at

Today’s blog post comes from Emily Leach

Leadership is a role I hadn’t related to myself until the past couple years when I began getting kudos and acknowledgements for my natural leadership in co-founding TEDxABQ and then TEDxCorpusChristi.  To me it was ‘just what I did’, other people were leaders.

As a little girl I would go to work in the oil field with my dad on weekends, he introduced me to everyone and taught me to shake hands and mean it.  I remember watching him communicate, evaluate and manage all the tasks of the day, laugh with his team and rely on their reports to make decisions.  There wasn’t a single person on any lease we went to that didn’t respect and follow what my dad said.  I learned quickly that came from the rapport he built with his teams through communication, trust and levity.  He is a true leader; I am so blessed to have that same skill.

Today I find the best way I can lead is to be authentic and transparent, allow people to see all of me.  My success hasn’t come from failure or achievements; it is a combination of both in my everyday life and actions.

These days we hear a lot of preaching from society to follow your bliss and fulfill your purpose.  Practicing authenticity each and every moment showed me my purpose, gave me the strength to accept that purpose and now the excitement to bring it to fruition.  After five years of dreaming about pulling together a unique population of people that resonates with the term ‘genetically unemployable’, that community is now coming together and having life changing conversations.

Stay tuned in the days to come as the Bring Your Leadership to Life Series continues….

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