Communicating at Work vs. Home

I recently presented a workshop for the Leadership Belton Program about effective communication. I began the workshop by asking this thought-provoking question:

Are you a better communicator at work or at home? 
I expected the response to be more mixed than it was. The majority of the attendees felt that they communicate more effectively at work than at home. When we dug deeper, the group settled on the following reasons for this reality:
1) Effective communication at work is expected, and I want to exceed expectations. 
2) They love me unconditionally at home, and I will be forgiven when I don’t communicate as effectively as I should. 
3) The time and effort I put into being a good communicator at work often drains my energy which can prevent me from giving my communication at home the time and effort it deserves. (Effective communication requires energy, and dealing with ineffective communicators can be a real energy drain; thus, I sometimes have very little energy left to communicate at my best at home.) 
What else would you add to this list?
One of the constant reminders SOS Leadership provides is that leadership is an awesome responsibility. We are called to be leaders and to accept that responsibility each and every day…at work and at home.
What can you do to communicate more effectively at work and at home? What steps do you need to take to ensure that you’re not giving your best effort at work and only giving what’s left over at home?

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