Endorphin’s Make You Happy!

If you follow SOS on Pinterest, you know that one of our boards is called “Healthy Lifestyle Choices.” This board consists of recipes as well as easy to do exercises to create energy and help with that extra boost of motivation.

When I first got on Pinterest, I was obsessed with everything on it; from re-pinning makeup tips, quotes, and even ideas for my wedding. It was an organizers dream come true. A few weeks into pinning I realized I was pinning a ton of stuff and not even trying any of it, especially when it came to the health and fitness tips.

One of my goals this year was to be more physically fit. This of course would involve diet changes as well as being consistent with my workouts. I began to develop a pattern of healthy eating and exercising for about two weeks, and then something would come up either concerning school or the wedding and I would miss a week of workouts. This continued for a while, but as soon as I got back from my honeymoon, I told myself I wanted to feel more energized, I wanted to look good, and I wanted to be more confident. I also wanted to be healthy, as I went through a period of time where I developed a health condition that was thought to be caused by stress. Stress can do horrible things to the body and it is not something that you want to mess with. For the past five weeks my workouts have been consistent, five to six days a week, and my eating habits are much better.

I’m not saying I don’t indulge every week, I think indulging is an important part in leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Dieting will only frustrate you and make you angry because you are depriving yourself of something that you want. Although, everything has to be done in moderation and with that being said, self-discipline will play a huge part in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Changing your diet and exercise habits is not an easy thing to do, at first, but it becomes easier with every little change you make to better your physical health. Every little change counts, and staying consistent and making healthy lifestyle choices can only be the result of habit.You don’t have to be skinny or look like one of the people in the magazines; this counts for guys as well. In fact, some magazines, such as Vogue for example, have taken the initiative to draw away from the stereotype that a model has to be extremely skinny to the point of almost looking sick in order to model certain clothes. Healthy isn’t considered being a one size fits all.
Make the change to feel good about yourself physically which will in turn help you to feel good emotionally. Quoting Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphin’s. Endorphin’s make you happy.”

Make today the day that taking care of yourself will be a priority, that way you can have the energy to give back to others and lead at your best.

Check out the Healthy Lifestyle Choices Pinterest board today!

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