Facebook Allows You to Wallow

We all have bad days. No one’s life is 100% perfect all the time. Before social networks existed, what did you do when you were having a tough day? You probably called a friend or family member and talked it out, maybe whined a bit, and that was usually that, right?

Now we have Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other ways to be connected 24/7 with a ton of people – friends, acquaintances, people in our professional networks, and those random folks we knew way back when and haven’t thought about in years.

So now if you have a crappy day, you can instantly share the full details of why your day sucked (or why your entire life now sucks) with hundreds of unsuspecting “friends” and “followers.” Awesome, right? WRONG! Here’s why (prepare for a soapbox moment…):

Your post will allow you to wallow in negativity for way longer than necessary.

Chances are your mood will turn around, unless you are a perpetual “Debbie Downer” whose glass is always half empty. When your mood improves, which may be an hour later (or even a day or two later if whatever had you down was a pretty big deal), you’ll still have people replying to your post, asking if you’re okay, offering to help, and reminding you of the crappiness that occurred. That’s when you’re susceptible to wallowing. Every single response, every friend who genuinely wants to help, will remind you of what was (or still is) wrong.

Life is too short to focus on what’s wrong. Your time and energy can be much better spent choosing to focus on all the things that are right in your life. Trust me, there are many.

So the next time you feel the need to spew your negative energy to the masses, remind yourself that you don’t want to wallow in negativity. Post something uplifting instead. Who knows? Your words may be just what one of your friends needs to read at that very moment to turn their day around.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
~ Winston Churchill

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