How Great Leaders Communicate

If you walk into any organization today and ask about the greatest challenge the organization is facing, almost without fail, someone will answer, “Communication.”

Even within strong organizations that have cultures that others envy, communication is an issue. One of the reasons for this is that most people are so busy pointing the finger at others and their communication failures, without taking a good, hard look in the mirror and asking themselves how they can start by improving their own communication.

Great leaders recognize the importance of communication, and they make it a priority. When communication fails, they reflect on their role in the communication failure AND ask good questions so that they can more fully understand the other person’s communication style and improve communication in the future.

Most of us communicate from our own comfort zone, from our natural communication style. Great leaders seek to understand the communication style of others so that they can communicate most effectively with them, make a connection, and ultimately achieve the desired results. Of course, this is easier said than done. It take time and a tremendous amount of patience. It requires an investment of time and energy that is often difficult to make. But the best leaders will tell you that it is absolutely worth it.

So how about you? Are you a great leader who:

  • recognizes the importance of communication and makes it a priority?
  • reflects on your role when a communication breakdown occurs? 
  • seeks to understand the communication style of those you interact with on a daily basis?
  • is willing to invest time and energy in improving your communication skills?
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