Lead a Gr8 Life

In her exciting new role as B2’s Business Development Consultant, Aurelia helps attorneys to grow the strategic direction of their practice. Her work includes business strategy, client engagement, business coaching, and professional development training. Aurelia is an active member of the Community Outreach Committee for the Austin Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of Dress for Success Austin, an organization dedicated to getting disadvantaged women back into the workplace.

As has been echoed by so many participants, I came to Gr8 Women Leaders during a period of transition. I was at a point where I needed to make some decisions about my career but found myself unable to move forward. During my coaching sessions with Darlene Templeton it became clear that I was “holding on too tight.” I needed to “slow down and trust the process.”

Once I had slowed down, it became clear to me that being a Solo Entrepreneur was not for me. I had always wanted the autonomy of running my own business, but to play to my strengths and to be successful,  I needed to work in a team environment. This realization helped me define my goal  – finding a business that gave me the right combination of autonomy and teamwork  – I am happy to say that I did.

Throughout this self-discovery process, it was wonderful to share the journey with a group of women who would celebrate my successes – finally putting together a website – and didn’t judge my failures  – I never did write that business plan! There is immense strength in a group of women who come together to serve each other. Supporting other women and celebrating our authentic selves makes us Gr8 Women Leaders.

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