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Dara Carrillo, is a visionary, personal branding coach, facilitator, speaker, explorer, and eternal optimist. In 2013 The University of Texas McCombs School of Business awarded her the opportunity to serve graduate students as the only coach, out of 30 communications coaches, to specialize in personal branding. In 2014, Dara Carrillo left her 7-year position with Student Affairs at St. Edward’s University to pursue her dreams and co-found Muse Stream, a personal branding and workshop facilitation business. Discovering and tuning in to her core values was the compass that led her to embody the confidence, courage and self-belief to live her passion. She now serves as a benevolent advocate for others so they too are empowered to pursue the same ideal of living fully. Dara’s background in communications and psychology and her passion for creativity and personal development are now utilized daily to the benefit of her clients.

Spring Into Your Intentional Life

Spring is here. Hooray! Spring is my favorite season of the year. It’s a time for new beginnings, growth, new life, colorful flowers, hikes and glorious weather in Austin, Texas. Are you ready for a new beginning? Are you ready to come to life? Are you ready for your Spring? Read on.

In late 2012 I asked myself, “I know there is something more that I am meant to do, but what is it?” “What am I being called to do?” Then Mother Synchronicity brought to my attention the Gr8 Women Leaders program, a community of women seeking to realize their goals and make a positive impact. My whole life I have known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur; I just didn’t truly believe it, and when I did, it wasn’t clear what it would entail. Like many women, I initially thought that I had to “Be-All and Do-All” in order to be good enough and also came to think that’s what I wanted. So as you could imagine, narrowing down my business services list was extremely difficult. I thought that having a variety of services would give me the best chance to be successful. Then, one of the most powerful coaching moments happened during my participation in the Gr8 Women Leaders program. My coach, Amber Fogarty, asked me, “It’s your business. You can do whatever you want. What is it that you REALLY want to do?” I’m not sure why I felt so surprised by that question, but I did. “You’re right!”, I thought. It was as if I needed permission to be allowed to have an intentional and fulfilling business on my terms. Wow! Self-mind blown!

2015 Dara is living her dreams and sharing her voice with the world. Freely, boldly and fully! Pre-2013 Dara was not. As far back as I can remember I knew that there had to be something more to my life’s work than working in a cubicle and working for someone else.

My entire life I listened and believed the voices of all the doubters and non-believers encouraging me to stay small. I would hear things like, “That’s life.” “That’s just the way it is.” “Get used it.”

“NO!” I would cry. “IT CAN’T BE!”

Believing others’ opinions without question delayed my journey towards finding the power of my voice. Silencing the opinions of others and believing in myself, were two of the hardest things I have ever pursued to overcome. So if you find yourself thinking about all the people’s opinions encouraging you to stay small leaving you with a discouraging self-limiting belief…

I give YOU permission to tell those thoughts to BE QUIET!

If there is one major life lesson I have learned it is that the first step to our own true happiness is to believe and trust in ourselves. And also get a coach! They truly are the mirror that sees in you what you are not yet ready to see. I am driven by my passion, voice and unique value in serving others who wish to achieve personal success. Discover and activate your values. Learn to trust them as they lead you towards living a meaningful and free life!

Can you guess what my core values are?

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