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Bailey Bounds is a 25-year-old writer and editor from Austin, Texas. She works in Marketing and Communications to generate strong, effective content and plan and manage events.  Back when she was a student at St. Edward’s University, Bounds interned for SOS Leadership and has been participating in its events and programs ever since.

Before the Gr8 Women Leaders program, I was a bit of a mess. I had recently graduated from college and was struggling through a really tough first job. Within six months of starting the new position, I had gone from this extremely upbeat, positive person who had no doubt she would be queen of the career world one day, to someone who lacked confidence and felt like she was failing.

Joining Gr8 Women Leaders changed this and helped me get back to the strong, happy person I knew I could be. Through the program, I connected with an amazing group of other women who became my friends and cheerleaders. We supported each other on the journey to growing our leadership and becoming the best, most successful versions of ourselves.

Here are the top 4 ideas and practices from the program that help me lead a Gr8 life today:

  • Considering the non-negotiables: What components are non-negotiable in my life? Knowing what I absolutely NEED in order to be happy and successful has given me a line to follow. If I’m unhappy, I think, “What non-negotiable is compromised right now, and how can I fix that?”
  • Perfect isn’t always best– I did not realize what a perfectionist I was until I started Gr8 Women Leaders. The need to do everything perfectly was seriously hindering my time management and ability to feel like I was achieving anything. I’ve learned that if I do several things well rather than one thing perfectly, I get much further and do better on things.
  • You can’t say yes to everything– I used to think it was a sign of weakness if I couldn’t do everything everyone asked of me. Now I know that the real weakness is saying yes to everything but not delivering. It’s better to be honest about your time and rational about what you can commit to rather than saying yes to it all and letting people down when you can’t do it.
  • The first obstacle to most things in my life is me– I am my biggest obstacle. Dream big, set reasonable goals, and then move out your own way! I’ve achieved a lot more with that idea in mind than I ever did when I was constantly cutting myself down and telling myself things were impossible.

We are all leaders, no matter our age or level of achievement. Gr8 Women Leaders helped me learn this and continues to help me develop my leadership identity.

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