Lead a Gr8 Life

Darlene Templeton is the CEO and founder of Templeton & Associates and the Managing Director of SOS Leadership’s Gr8 Women Leaders Program.   She is a professional speaker, business strategist, executive coach, leadership consultant, and author. She specializes in leadership and transformation, and her passion is to help others grow their leadership skills and make a greater impact, both personally and professionally. Darlene worked at IBM for 36 years, and she brings her business and corporate experience to her clients.  She is very passionate about working with women leaders and she also volunteers with Dress for Success and other local organizations to help support and educate women so they can achieve their goals.

I am so excited to be the fourth contributor to our new blog series “Lead a Gr8 Life”. I have always had a passion for leadership, even as a little girl, and still today, my passion is helping and supporting others, especially women. I am very lucky to be able to help and support so many women leaders  and truly help them grow their leadership skills and their careers.

My dream has been to start a leadership development and coaching program for women.  However, I was running my own speaking and coaching business, and there never seemed to be time to get it started.   Then I got the opportunity to become the Managing Director for Gr8 Women Leaders, it was truly a dream come true.

Working with women who are committed to their own leadership journey really helps me to grow my own leadership skills. I am a stronger and better leader because of the opportunity to work with such AMAZING women.

Here are some concepts that come to mind when I think of “Leading a Gr8 life” and being a Gr8 Women Leader:

  • Being confident in yourself and your decisions
  • Continue to lead in all areas of your life
  • Recognize your own value and the value of others
  • Continue to help and support others on their leadership journey
  • Set your goals and put actions in place to achieve them
  • Stay committed to your dreams and don’t give up
  • Learn the practice of self-care and taking care of yourself
  • Build a strong group to support you on your journey

Leadership is not just a word or actions, it’s a journey, and an opportunity for each of us to help and support others in our lives.  I am looking forward to helping you on your journey and to “Lead a Gr8 Life”.

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