Lead a Gr8 Life

Amanda Weilenmann is a recent MBA graduate from St. Edward’s University. Throughout her years in school she has worked in multiple environments, from a TA in global responsibility, freight broker, office assistant, waitress, and a special needs caregiver. In addition, living and traveling abroad has helped her to keep an open mind and focus on what matters most. With the help of The Gr8 Woman Leaders Program, she has truly established what matters most in her life – empowering others, compassion, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Her big goal for 2015 is finding a career that fulfills those values.

I joined Gr8 Woman Leaders in February 2014 because I wanted to surround myself with inspiring woman. Moving back to Austin after 4 years away at college was an adjustment for me. I was in the middle of my MBA and working part time, but I felt that I needed more structure and focus in my life. The past 5 years I struggled with finding my passion. There were a lot of things that I liked, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to make them into careers. Also, like many women, I found that I struggled with other people’s thoughts of me. Two things that stood out to me in the beginning of this journey were the women, and the DISC assessment.

The first meeting was incredible. As we were all going around introducing ourselves I felt so blessed to be in a room with such inspiring, strong, supportive, and different women. Throughout the process we learned about one another, listened to stories, and encouraged one another. It gave me a confidence that I hadn’t felt before and throughout this process I have learned to own who I am, and be my authentic self. There will be people in the future that may discourage me, but from this journey I have learned to prove them wrong rather than getting disappointed.

The assessment was also eye opening – it reinforced things I knew about myself, but it also made me proud of who I am and the way I communicate with people. It showed me clarity and made me aware of the different ways to approach diverse personality types.

Lastly, this program helped me to structure my goals, write them down, and make time for myself. I began to understand the importance of writing my goals down and really analyzing the meaning behind each one. Does this goal help me get to my final goal? Or is it just there because it’s always been on my “to do list”? Perhaps most importantly, I learned that I need to take time for myself. It is so easy to get caught up in your to-do list or achieving goals others set for you. Taking time for myself, focusing on my goals, understanding my authentic self, and learning from a supportive group of wonderful women are all key components of how the program has helped me lead a Gr8 life.

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