Lead Like You!

What does leadership mean to you? How do you define it? Do you have an understanding of your unique leadership style? What does it mean to lead like you? 

You ARE a leader, whether you recognize it or not. And you have a choice TODAY about whether or not you’re going to lead. You’ll have the same choice tomorrow and the next day. So ask yourself: Are you answering the call to leadership in your life today? If not, what’s stopping you?

Everyone is called to leadership. I believe this with every fiber of my being, and I feel very strongly that every person has opportunities to lead on a daily basis. There is a leader within you.
  • No one is exempt from leadership. Each of you is called to lead in your own unique way.
  • You have a choice every day about how you will answer your call to leadership. You can keep pushing snooze, waiting for someone else to lead. Or you can wake up and lead in a way that is uniquely ours.
  • Fear often keeps us from leading. As Brene Brown taught me, “We can be afraid and brave in the exact same moment. That’s where courage comes from.” Don’t allow fear to hold you back from making the choice to be a leader who makes a difference.
Time for you to sound off. Tell me what it means to Lead Like You!

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