Lead Now, Not Later

When it comes to leadership, do you ever try to put it off? Many people believe that leadership has something to do with age and position. So they put off leading until some point in the future, when they are old enough, smart enough, and/or in the “position to lead.” Have you ever been there?

“You already possess all the gifts you need to answer the call to leadership.” Right now. Today. What are you doing with those gifts? Are you using them fully to answer the call to leadership in your life? Or are you delaying your leadership, waiting on some future time when you’ll feel more ready to lead? What is holding you back?

Every leader is on a journey to learn how to lead, so you will continue to grow and develop as a leader throughout your life. But don’t put off leadership. Don’t wait. Be the leader you are today! The world needs you to lead.

Lead Now, Not Later! You are ready, and you can make a difference!

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