Leaders Carry Each Other

Being a leader is a lifelong journey, and along the way, there are more ups and downs than we can count. All leaders feel like giving up sometimes.

We often think of leaders as being fearless, strong, confident, and unwavering…and we are a lot of the time. But we get frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, and fearful too. We have days when we’d rather stay in bed than face the day.

One of the many reasons it’s important to surround yourself with other leaders is because we need each other. We need to be reminded about how important our leadership is and that we matter. I’m convinced that a key to lifelong leadership is surrounding yourself with other leaders who believe in you AND who believe in themselves. And then you’re on a leadership journey together…empowering each other, supporting each other, and sometimes carrying each other.

If you’ve been feeling like giving up, remember that the tide will turn soon. Hang in there, and if you need another leader to carry you, just ask. 

Leaders carry each other…we’re all in this together.

One thought on “Leaders Carry Each Other

  1. Amber – you words ring true. I appreciate people who think like me to accompany me on my leadership journey – and you are one of those people in my life! Let’s be sure to keep encouraging each other along this journey.

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