Leaders & Learning to Communicate

There’s no question about it. Leaders need to be strong communicators. Do you understand your communication style? Do you know your strengths and areas for improvement?

I often debrief leaders on a leadership assessment that provides deep insight into their communication style. It provides of list of communication dos and don’ts, which sheds light on how others should communicate with this particular leader. When I lead teams through this exercise, it’s amazing to see the walls come down between people who are often at odds because they have very different communication styles. When they start to understand each other better, they begin to find ways to communicate more effectively with a focus on how to listen to what is being said and what isn’t. 

Leaders seek to understand themselves and those around them. They invest time in their personal growth and learning so that they can continue to develop as leaders. At the heart of this growth is a focus on improving their communication, particularly their listening skills. The very best leaders actively work to become better communicators, and they recognize that this is a lifelong process.

What are you doing to improve your communication with those around you? What advice do you offer other leaders who want to learn how to communicate more effectively?

2 thoughts on “Leaders & Learning to Communicate

  1. Here’s my best advice…if you feel any negative emotion when you are writing an email, STOP- delete the email – and go to see the person or call them on the phone. Any email written with negative emotion will come off that way when being read – and will not be received in a way that can promote change.

  2. I think Toastmasters is a great tool for building competent leaders. We have a faith based TM club in New Lenox, IL, which is producing great results by encouraging servant leadership and providing a supportive environment with a focus on improving both interpersonal and public communications.

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