Leaders Measure Performance

Leaders recognize the importance of measuring performance because they understand this indisputable fact:
When performance is measured, performance improves.
This is true for measuring our own performance, as well as the performance of those we lead. It can be easier to focus on others, however, when perhaps what we most need is to take an honest look at our own performance and progress toward the goals that are most important to us. Leaders are committed to personal accountability, and having performance measurements in place is instrumental to our ability to hold ourselves accountable.

Questions for Leaders to Consider:

  • How are you measuring your own performance?
  • How could your performance improve if you measured it?
  • What is holding you back from measuring your performance?
  • Who can be part of holding you accountable for the goals that are most important to you?
  • When will you get started with putting performance measurements in place for your top goals?

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