Leadership and Educators

Leadership is an important topic all around, but the leaders that make the most difference are the ones that are too often overlooked, and that is our educators.Educators are a huge part of our lives and the people that we spend the majority of our time with in our youth. From the time we enter grade school to the time we graduate college, educators are huge leaders and can often motivate or break down a students’ ability to move forward in life.

Everyone who has read my previous blog posts knows that I did not get off to a great start in my college career; I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I wasn’t the best student. However, I will never forget the one time that I went to a professor at a local community college, and asked for help. I believe it was in my second semester of college and I was having difficulty understanding the assignments for an online history class. When I called the professor and asked for help, her response to me was somewhere along the lines of, “if you can’t understand this material you have no hope of transferring to a four year university.” This statement alone from this professor could have brought me down, but I didn’t let her, it was only one of my many motivations to strive forward. Needless to say I dropped her class and ended up taking it with another professor who wasn’t so negative and was happy to help answer my questions regarding assignments.

I’m not going to even begin to imagine what being a teacher is like and the frustrations that come along with it, but I do have the up-most respect for people who choose to go into the education field, because I believe they have the most difficult jobs. They are the ones that are there to motivate and ignite the flame of life’s interests into kids and young adults. Aside from our parents, they are there to constantly aid us in making sure we make the correct decisions regarding our education and our future career choices.

Education, whether it comes in the form of teaching, mentoring, or counseling, is so important to a person’s life, no matter what their situation. “It is the supreme art of the teachers to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”-Albert Einstein

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