Leadership: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We don’t all lead the same way. Each of us is unique, and we are all called individually to answer the call to leadership in our lives in our own personal way. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to leadership.

Over the years I’ve come to believe that you can only lead in one way: Like You.

And guess what? YOU have to take ownership for discovering your leadership style and determining how best to put it into action so that you can be an effective leader using your unique gifts and skills.

Have you ever tried to emulate someone else’s leadership? Perhaps you had a great mentor or an inspiring boss, and you wanted to lead like her. You try to follow in her footsteps. It reminds me of trying on someone else’s clothes. Sometimes the clothes fit nicely, and you’re excited to make the outfit your own. But other times, the clothes just don’t fit quite right; they’re uncomfortable, and you can’t imagine wearing the outfit ever again.

We all go through this process as we learn how to lead. We try a variety of approaches. Some work; others don’t. We keep trying to figure it out. Ultimately, we’re searching for the “sweet spot” where we discover the leadership style that works and allows us to thrive as leaders.

Every leader is on a journey to learn how to lead. From the inspiring boss you respect to the person in your office who you think is beyond hope…one size doesn’t fit all, but right now all of us are learning how to lead. What does it mean to Lead Like You?

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