Leading through School Spirit

Jessica Liss is a senior at St. Edward’s Unviersity and captain of the university’s cheerleading team. She will be graduating with honors in May of 2014. 
My leadership role at my university is my position as captain of the St. Edward’s University Cheerleading team. When I first came to college, I was a young girl who was excited, but scared and unsure. I wasn’t sure how the next four years would turn out, and I surely wasn’t as confident and mature as I am now.

My former cheerleading captain, Jane Marie Agnew, was an amazingly talented athlete and student. She had a 4.0 GPA, was involved in every student organization, and to top it all off, was beautiful both on the inside and out. As a young student, I knew that I wanted to strive to be just like Jane Marie. I am now the captain of this amazing squad and have worked hard to serve as a role model for my younger teammates that Jane Marie was for me.

While on the cheerleading team, I have spent every day striving to effectively lead the St. Edward’s community through my leadership position. Whether I be cheering-on our athletic teams, participating in community service, leading my team in competition, or promoting the university’s events and mission, I make it my goal to represent this school to the best of my ability. Maintaining a high GPA, and exemplifying academic excellence is a way that I lead my team and student body, as well. When people see me wearing the SEU letters on my uniform, I want them to not only see a talented athlete, but a well-rounded and successful individual in all areas of student life.

Each week, I put in about 15 hours of planning, running, and participating in practices, events, and activities that serve one purpose: to serve the St. Edward’s community in promoting school spirit and involvement. This involvement goes beyond athletic games and events. The promotion of involvement in the community, both inside our school walls and out, is a day-to-day job that I gladly take on. This involvement is helping me grow as a leader.

Four years later, I look back on the most amazing college experience one could have. In May, I am graduating in the top 10 percent of my class, with honors and the confidence to take on my world.
Today’s post is the second post in the Student’s Who Lead blog series.

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