Maintaining Focus on What Matters Most

December 2012

The countdown is on. 2013 will be here before we know it. 

The month of December is typically a whirlwind of holiday parties, decorating, card sending, entertaining, and gift buying. Hopefully, in the midst of it all, we find time to focus on What Matters Most in our lives. This is easier said than done; if we’re honest with ourselves, we often get so focused on our to do lists during this time of year that we lose sight of why we celebrate this season. We may also forget to express gratitude to the people in our lives that bless us throughout the year.
Reflection Questions for December 2012:
  • How will I maintain focus on what matters most during this joyous holiday season?
  • How will I show gratitude to the people who have loved and supported me throughout 2012?
  • How will I prepare for the holidays in a way that allows me to be able to relax and enjoy this season in a way that is meaningful to me?
  • When will I schedule time to reflect on 2012 and all of the things I learned this year?
It really is the most wonderful time of the year…if we choose to make it so. How will you make this the most wonderful time of your year?

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