Persistence Pays

A special thanks to today’s guest blogger, Scott Ingram, the Founder and CEO of Find over 6 years worth of networking and business advice on his blog: Business Networking Tips.

In a world where the average person sets a handful of goals or resolutions at the beginning of a new year that are typically forgotten by the end of the first month and almost certainly by the end of the first quarter, success belongs to those who commit and stick with things. Maybe that’s not fair. In reality the truly average person probably doesn’t even write down any tangible goals in the first place.

From what I’ve seen and experienced, real success rarely happens in only a year. Yet in our “get rich quick society,” the propensity to get bored, discouraged, and ultimately give up is incredibly high. People tell me that networking doesn’t work after attending a half-dozen networking events. They say that cold calling doesn’t work after stopping at 20 or 30 dials. They say that social media is a waste of time after a single 3 month campaign.

It’s like quitting a Marathon after the first quarter mile because your legs didn’t feel quite right when the reality is that they’re just not warmed up yet, and after another mile or two you probably would have felt amazing. When I speak I often talk about positioning yourself in the top 10%. What’s amazing is how little you actually have to do to position yourself in that top tier.

The most successful people I know have been at it for years, and often decades. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen quicker, though that’s rare and often times short lived. Most typically these individuals have been doing the right things and working hard for quite some time (perhaps this is why it’s so important to enjoy the work).

Are you willing to do the work to achieve your goals? To persist through the ups and downs, the highs and lows? To be open and recognize that the way you thought you’d get there is likely very different from the way you’ll actually get there?

If you are, I expect you’ll wake up one day and be amazed at exactly how far you’ve come.

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