SOS Gr8 Women Leaders on What Makes a Gr8 Leader

We recently launched our fourth group of the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program with eight incredible women who are committed to developing their leadership skills and challenging themselves to learn, grow, network, and achieve at a higher level. This group of Gr8 Women Leaders are already amazing leaders, but they recognize that they can grow and become even better. They have a strong desire to learn, and they are willing to invest their valuable time, energy, and money to gain an edge and become the best version of themselves.

During our kick-off session, we had a thought-provoking discussion about what makes a leader great. Here’s a list of qualities the SOS Gr8 Women came up with…

A Gr8 Leader…

  • Inspires others
  • Uplifts others & delivers uplifting messages
  • Continues to learn
  • Is consistent
  • Is trustworthy and has the ability to trust others
  • Is genuine
  • Is honest
  • Takes action and sets goals
  • Mentors
  • Is a communicator and provides and receives feedback
  • Is worthy of respect
  • Has moral integrity
  • Has vision
  • Models leadership behavior
  • Sets organizational culture
  • Is responsive
  • Leads by example
  • Knows limitations and delegates
  • Moves towards success
This is a comprehensive list from a group of truly great leaders. What else would you add to this list? Share your ideas in the comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

One of the foundational beliefs that SOS Partner, Amber Fogarty has about leadership is that there is no cookie cutter approach. One size doesn’t fit all. Each and every one of us has our own unique leadership style; perhaps your style includes many of the qualities listed above, but maybe it doesn’t. The important thing is to focus on understanding who you are, what leadership means to you, and how YOU want to lead. That’s what the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program is all about. Our goal is to grow with you…we exist to empower and equip leaders (THAT’S YOU) to make a difference!

Check out this short video to learn more about the SOS Gr8 Women Leaders Program!

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