The Characteristics of the I

One of the most popular tools that SOS Leadership uses with their clients is the TTI Behaviors and Motivators assessment. This assessment reveals the how and why of individual performance. This is accomplished through an assessment of the BEHAVIORS you bring to the job and the VALUES that motivate you to do a job. The BEHAVIORS section uses the universal DISC language.

Anyone that has ever met me almost always instantly knows that I am a High “I” (Influencer). My value to the team according to my personal report includes optimism, motivation, enthusiasm, negotiating conflict, and being a team player. I have always known I have encompassed these strengths, and that they are a big part of what makes me a unique asset.

As we near the half way point in 2015, I want to mention some of the tools that I have used to keep my value high and not let the stress or likely limitations of being a High “I” slow me down. As a High “I” under stress I have the tendency to be self-promoting, overly optimistic, unrealistic, and sometimes I just talk too much! Some of my limitations might also include not paying attention to detail, trusting people too much, and being a situational listener.

I was reminded recently that the definition of commitment is, “It Is DONE!” Some of the tools that I use to keep High “I” stress characteristics and limitations under control are: focusing on my priorities (this means that I actually need to have priorities), writing down my goals, having brainstorming sessions, meeting new people, continuing to learn (classes, reading new books, articles, etc.), revisiting my accomplishments, taking on new challenges, revisiting why something became a goal, aiming for more, and continuing to have a commitment to my own growth.

While it is a challenge and sometimes draining to always be at my best, I try to remind myself that I am in charge of accomplishing my own goals. They are in fact MY GOALS. This is what keeps me going, and at times, even when I am in a slump this thought pattern lifts me back up to continue to do what I do best.

What tools do you have in place to be the best version of yourself? What is your BEHAVIOR style? What makes you unique?

If you are interested in the SOS Leadership Behaviors and Motivators assessment feel free to email me at or call 512.992.2985.

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