The Strength To Lead

As leaders, the number one most important thing in leading effectively is to make sure we have ourselves taken care of. If we can’t take care of ourselves then how are we able to guide others on their leadership journeys? If we lose the ability to lead ourselves we lose the ability to effectively lead others.

How do we find a balance to make sure if we are in a position of power that we never lose our ability to lead?

Make sure that you are taken care of physically and mentally. As a leader, if you begin to let your own health deteriorate while in the process of leading others, you are losing the very thing that got you to your leadership position in the first place, your strength. Strength can also be applied to your mental health. It is extremely important for people in positions of power to take extra care of themselves, almost on a daily basis.

We may judge celebrities and their lavish lifestyles; getting beach side massages, taking a vacation every few weeks to some amazing sea side resort. In a way, although we may not agree with how many celebrities are, they are leaders in the public eye, to many different people, and are constantly being scrutinized and judged for their career. Wouldn’t you need a vacation to get away from it all? Wouldn’t you need a weekly massage to take away all the stress if you had people watching every move?

Leaders and celebrities are one in the same; your loyal followers want your constant knowledge on how to become better until they themselves find the inner strength to become their own leader and journey on their own. Take care of yourself and treat yourself to a mini vacation regularly. Keep your strength intact; you shouldn’t be ashamed to say that you need a break. It took so much ambition, hard work, and sacrifice to get where you are that you should put that much effort into maintaining yourself and what you’ve put together. To take care of yourself is to take care of the foundation that you’ve built your empire on.

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”-Albert Einstein 

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