The Wisdom of Leading Ladies

As we come to an end with our first Leading Ladies blog series, it’s nice to take a look back on the posts that, although we might not have known it at the time, gave us so much inspiration, such motivation to keep moving forward with our own dreams and goals.  From tips to how to become a great leader, quotes, and shared life lessons, each lady that contributed to this series laid their hearts on the table in hopes of inspiring others.

Whether these ladies realize it or not, the wisdom that they have shared with others through their own leadership journey is what many people need to strive forward. Each post was unique in its own way, and had the potential to resonate with someone who may have been going down a similar path.

First time mothers having trouble finding their voice after having a baby may have been enlightened by Sara Palacios, who after many troubling days and nights, finally found the courage to write her first book:

“I spent the day telling myself I made the right call and that I should do something more practical and definite, and just when I felt like I was good and convinced, a little baby foot kicked inside of me for the first time. My heart flooded with love and in that moment, everything I had been telling myself all day came crashing down. Instead of fighting it, I took it as a sign and embraced it. Deep down, I knew I was better than to give up on my dreams and in my darkest moment, I believed in myself and I kept fighting.

Ruoyun Xu, a student at St. Edward’s University, wrote about quotes that got her through difficult times in her life; how sometimes, your background can play a major role in deciding your future.  Students and young professionals can read Ruoyun’s blog and be inspired by her advice, no matter their background:

“If you are able to create your own opinion and act on that opinion without worrying about the opinions of anyone who disapproves, then you are able to free yourself and truly become who you are meant to be.”

These posts are but a fraction of the amazing posts SOS Leadership had the honor of hosting on our blog. All of the amazing Leading Ladies that contributed to our blog truly represent what SOS Leadership is about; Inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be, no matter what path they decide to take.

No matter who you are, or what you decide to do in life, everyone needs help along the way. Help can come in many forms; even in the form of a simple blog post, from someone who was once in your shoes. These posts aren’t a step by step manual on how to overcome obstacles on your leadership journey, but more as a motivational guide, in that no matter where you are at in life, you will overcome any hardship, and you will rejoice in your accomplishments. 

If you would like to be a guest blogger for SOS Leadership, please contact Shane Montoya here, or Marisa Cuellar here.

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