Turn Your Dreams into Goals

Are you more a dreamer or a planner? Or are you a bit of both, depending on the circumstances and your mood?

When I speak and facilitate workshops about goal-setting, I always talk about the importance of dreams. Dreams, after all, are prerequisites to goals. As we get older, we tend to lose our ability to dream. The reality of life can, and often does, prevent us from thinking big and imagining what’s possible.

As the mother of two young children with very active imaginations, I have the great joy of witnessing dreaming in action every day. There are no limits to the dreams of children. Anything is possible in the world they live in. Whether it’s flying on a unicorn, taking a nap on a cloud, or going to Disney World, my kids believe ALL of these things can happen for them.

How well can you dream? If I asked you to share 5 things from your “dream list” (or bucket list or life list, as others call it), could you do it?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve spent some time dreaming about the future, maybe today is the day.

Think about what you’ve always wanted to do, places you’ve always wanted to visit, people you’ve always wanted to meet. No limits. Write all of these down on your Dream List. (Remember that writing your dreams down is an important step because, as Paul Meyer taught us, “Writing crystallizes thought, which promotes action.”)

Now take one of those dreams and start planning for it. How can you make that dream come true in the next 1-5 years? Make it a goal, and go for it!

Spend some time and energy dreaming and then focus your energy on creating a plan to make your dream come true!

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