What fruit is that in your hand?

SOS Coaching Network coach
faculty member, Doug Rood.

Today’s guest blog comes from Doug Rood of Decisive Solutions Coach, which is committed to helping the individual and groups of individuals take control of their destiny by creating proactive positive choices that produce the delicious fruit of their desires. Doug is a coach faculty member of SOS Leadership’s SOS Coaching Network.

I recall a story about a man who earnestly desired to have a productive apple tree in his yard, a Macintosh apple tree to be specific. He was so excited to learn that his local nursery carried just that type. So, he purchased a five gallon container, diligently prepared the soil, and planted it according to the directions. The label said that a crop will harvest in just three years. He longed for the day of harvest.

Each spring and fall season, he worked the soil, fertilized and watered his young and growing tree. He was very intentional to follow the specific label instructions. He took special care of the tree’s development because he truly wanted Macintosh apples.

Finally, the third year came and he saw the virgin fruit beginning to grow on the limbs. His excitement and expectation was rapidly growing. However, as the fruit was developing, he became very puzzled by what he observed. “These are not Macintosh apples”, he thought aloud in dismay. “These look more like peaches than apples!” In fact, that is exactly what the tree produced – peaches.

To say that he was upset was an understatement. He took one of the fruit and the original label and raced off to the nurseryman to ask him how could this be? The simple reply was, “regrettably, the five gallon container that you purchased was mislabeled. We would be glad to give you a refund of your money, or a new and correct tree if you would like?”

Have you ever experienced a “harvest” in your professional and, or personal life that did not turn out like you desired or expected? Most have. Each of us is continuing to build our value system. What is yours based on? I recommend that it be built on timeless principles, just like the story above. You see, there is an ancient principle that teaches us that “every seed bears after its own kind”. Another principle that most of us are familiar with that is related to this one is, “you reap what you sow”.

I ask again, “what fruit is in your hand”. Are you holding the delicious fruit of proactive, positive choices? Or, are you looking at the rotten fruit of reactive, negative choices?

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